“Just because your brain knows what to do, don’t assume your body knows what to do. If it was that easy, golf would not be that hard…and I would be out of a job!”

My teaching philosophy is based on the pure fundamentals of golf: GRIP, ALIGNMENT, STANCE and POSTURE. All the elements of your golf swing are informed by these four things.


2 Ways You Can Improve Your Golf Game Today!


Paul Piveronas with student

1. Book a in person lesson with me. Book an hour with me at The Woodlands in Falmouth, Maine. I guarantee your swing and game will improve in just one session! Call 781-2890 or email me to set a time.


2. Send me a video of your swing or book a lesson via Skype. Have a golf buddy take a video of your swing, send it to me and I’ll send you an assessment with tips on how you can improve your swing. Or we can work together using Skype! It’s only $50 — less than the greens fees for one round!


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